10 Questions with Strongman Shane Jerman – Britain’s Strongest Man Under 80kg

Shane Jerman

There is an increasing number of lightweight strongman competitors worldwide, and one of the most successful of these is the British Strongman Athlete – SHANE JERMAN.Shane Jerman

Editors Note: Since this interview was recorded, Shane just this weekend won Englands Most Powerful Man Under 105kg !!!

Phil Burgess:  How did you get involved in strongman?

Shane Jerman: When I was 19 I started training with a few friends at salt Ayre gym, previous to that I was just doing general gym training and bodybuilding movements.

Phil Burgess:Have you always been strong?

Shane Jerman:  I was always known as the strong one in my group of friends at school,  was also a fast sprinter but never had any work ethic when I was younger to get really good and go anywhere with it.

I deadlifted 140kg with no belt or chalk on a fat slippy bar the first time I tried, and was squatting 120kg and benching just over 100kg, I was around 17 years old and 75kg.

Gives you an idea of my starting strength.

Phil Burgess: What titles have you won, and what one are you the proudest of?

Shane Jerman:  I’ve currently won Britain’s strongest man u80kg, and Northern England’s strongest man u90kg 2012.

I’ve won the Olympic dragons title twice and I came runner up at England’s strongest man u90kg twice, runner up in StrongFit worlds u90kg Melbourne and 5th place at the Arnold classic world champs u80kg.

I also came 5th at Europe’s strongest man u90kg.

The one I’m most proud of has to be my 5th place at the Arnold’s, although I feel I could of won the whole thing with a bit more luck!  I only had a 7 week build up to the competition after 6 weeks of no training due to a car accident so feel I did myself proud.

Phil Burgess: What do you love the most about the sport and what do you dislike?

320kg Deadlift at 80kg Bodyweight.

Shane Jerman:  The athletes are very supportive and will cheer and push each other on even if it means they will lose a placing !

Not many sports are like that. I don’t dislike anything about it really but I wish it was more popular! 

Phil Burgess: Are there an increasing number of comps catering to the lighter weight competitors in the UK, or is it the same as 5 years ago?

Shane Jerman:   Lightweight strongman is taking off well over here and is getting bigger each year. We even have the opportunity to get on TV with Europe’s strongest man u90kg which is great motivation for the athletes.

Phil Burgess: What strongman do you look up to the most in the sport, and are there any who have provided you with lots of help?

Shane Jerman:  There are lots of strongmen that have helped me out (they’ll know who they are!) but I don’t really look up to a single strongman to be honest.

My training style is quite different to what I imagine the open weight strongman train. I like to be prepared for anything and be good at everything so I prefer to look up to people in this line of performance, Rich Froning is a big inspiration as is Rob Orlando.

Phil Burgess:What’s your favourite event? And what are your best lifts in the log press and deadlift?

Shane Jerman:   Favourite event would have to be some mad medley or a yoke .

My best log lift is 140kg and Deadlift is 320kg.   I have pulled more but with a hitch.

Phil Burgess: What are your goals for the rest of 2013? And further out in the sport?

Shane Jerman Log Press
Shane Log Pressing

Shane Jerman:   I have England’s strongest man u90kg and Would love to win this. That’s my main goal.

Then I will defend my title as BSM u80kg. My main goal is to go back out to the Arnold’s and win the worlds u80kg.. From there I may have sometime out and compete in Crossfit for a year.

Phil Burgess:What 3 things do you think if done, would help the sport of strongman grow the most?

Shane Jerman:   I think at the moment it’s moving in the right direction. The sport needs the athletes to have more character and charisma which will attract more people!

Phil Burgess:What do you do when you are not training or competing, as a day job and to relax?

Shane Jerman:   My way of relaxing is training to be honest, I train 3 hours a day most days.

I love going swimming and then in the steam room and watching a film with my girlfriend is always a good way to relax…………