Rock of Gibraltar – Daniel Gracia – Strongman

A novel deadlift idea... with Daniel Gracia
A novel deadlift idea...
A novel deadlift idea... with Daniel Gracia
A novel deadlift idea...

Daniel Gracia competed in 2012 at his first Strongman Champions League Event , competing against some legends of the sport.

Not a bad feat for a man from the Rock of Gibraltar, and what makes it more special was that he was competing in his hometown. 

Phil Burgess:  You recently competed at the Strongman Champions League event in Gibraltar, your home town.   What did you get out of it as an Athlete new to this level of competition?

Daniel Gracia: It was a great Privilege to compete on home soil as Gibraltar’s Strongest Man in front of a thousand home supporters. Also to compete with the likes of the Worlds Strongest Man, Big Z and Big Terry Hollands at such an early stage of my strongman career  was a great.

I feel my performance went very well, holding my own in certain events.

I learnt that if I want to perform with the best I have to improve on my weak areas, but I realize that I’m still at an early stage of my career.

Phil Burgess: Do you still live in Gibraltar? Or do you now live in the UK? And where do you train?

Daniel Gracia: I live in Portsmouth on the south coast of England, and return to Gibraltar 2/3 times a year.

I currently train at Lougars gym in Southsea (where Arnold Schwarzenegger trained when he spent time in England during his Bodybuilding career) and also at Strength-Tec gym owned by World Strongest Man competitor Rob Frampton.

When I’m in Gibraltar I train at Allens gym.

Master and Apprentice

Daniel Gracia: Goals for 2013 are to be invited to more International strongman competitions, and to improve on my strength.

I have just recently received an invite to the ICEMAN Strongman Champions League event in Finland on the 16th February.

Phil Burgess:  How did you get into the sport of strongman in the first place?

Daniel Gracia:  I was training at Lougars gym when the owner Ian Hendy told me about a new Strongman gym opening in Fareham called Strength-Tec.

This was in 2009, so I went up there after watching strongman on t.v for so many years to give it ago, and I havent looked back since.

Phil Burgess:  How tall are you and how much do you currently weigh?  And are you aiming to get bigger? If so how much?

Daniel Gracia:  I’m 25 years old  6’4 193cm and I weigh in at 140kgs.. Im not looking to get bigger at this time. I feel happy at this weight.

Phil Burgess: What are your best lifts in the Squat, Log Press, Deadlift , Farmers and Yoke?

Daniel Gracia:  My best lifts so far unequipped are: Deadlift 300kg, Squat 230kgs, Log press 140kgs, Super Yoke 420kg, and Farmers 170kg each hand.

Phil Burgess: What advice would you give to anyone new to the sport?

Daniel Gracia:  My Answer to anybody new to the sport of strongman would be to train hard and keep focused.

Phil Burgess: Which strongman has provided you with the most inspiration and help in developing you as an athlete?

Daniel Gracia: The strongman that has provided and helped develop my strength ability is gym owner and world strongman competitor Rob Frampton.

Log Lift at SCL

Phil Burgess: Can you tell us a bit about Gibraltar for people who have never been there?

Daniel Gracia:  Gibraltar is a small country with a lot of sunshine and some great beaches, and alot of interesting history behind it for anyone going over there.

Phil Burgess: Final question, who do you think the greatest strongman who ever lived is, and why?

Daniel Gracia:  In my opinion it has to be Zydrunas Savickas for countless broken world records and winning Worlds Strongest Man 3 times equalling the famous Bill Kazmaier.