The Rise of the Georgians – Strongman Konstantine Janashia


Konstantine Janashia is an Exciting Georgian Strongman, who has just started on the International Strongman Circuit.

Like many ancient cultures Georgia has a long history of strength sports over thousands of years, with events such as “Live Cattle Carrying” amongst them.

Today in Georgia the World of Strongman is opening up with a new federation, which is bringing through top athletes such as Konstantine.

Over to Konstanine…

Phil Burgess: How did you get involved in Strongman competitions?  Did you do any other sports first?

Konstantine Janashia:  I was a rugby player in local rugby junior team but after I got an invitation from the federation I decided to become a strongman.

Phil Burgess: What title or competition result are you the proudest of?

Konstantine Janashia:  2012 World Cup in Netherlands, I was third there.

Konstantine Janashia Farmers Walk
Farmers Walk

Phil Burgess: How popular is the sport of strongman in Georgia?

Konstantine Janashia:  Strongman is very close to the character of Georgian people generally.

Even centuries B.C. Georgian people used to compete with each other in a similar way, for example:

  • Lifting and throwing heavy stones over the saddle of a horse
  • Walking with big wooden logs
  • Throwing logs
  • Lifting live cattle and carrying on the shoulders (like yoke)

Therefore when our federation started officially to promote this sport, lots of people took to it with great enthusiasm and dedication.

We have more than 20 active athletes in different weight categories and thousands of supporters.

Phil Burgess: Can you describe your country and where you live to us? As many people have never been there.

Konstantine Janashia:  Georgia is one of the ancient countries with its rich culture, heritage and wonderful nature.

People are very friendly and hospitable. We consider guests as a precious grace of God and treat them as members of our family.  At the same time Georgians know how to meet the enemy and have always stood for their land, language and religion.

We have very unique folk dancing and music, arts and crafts and cuisine along with delicious varieties of wine.

Very few people knows that the word “wine” is derived from Georgian word “vino” and the word “medicine” from the name of Georgian princess who lived about 1500 B.C. in the city Kutaia, now Kutaisi.(our native town, where this Sport has started its development)

Log Press

Phil Burgess: Who are the other top Georgian Strongmen in your country?

Konstantine Janashia: We have 3 top athletes so far in Georgia:

  • Zviad Kajaia,
  • George Doijashvili and I.

Phil Burgess:  What is your best lift in the Log Lift, Squat, Deadlift, Farmers Walk and Yoke?

Konstantine Janashia: My best lifts are:

  1. 170kg Log Lift
  2. 300kg Squat
  3. 340kg Deadlift
  4. 165kg Farmers Walk
  5. 420kg Yoke

Phil Burgess: Are there many strongman events held in Georgia? And do you have a Georgia’s Strongest Man competition?

Konstantine Janashia:  Every year our Federation organizes a minimum of 4 local events, Georgia’s Strongest Man among them.

Also at least one big international tournament with the participation of 10-13 Athletes for both European and Asian countries.

Phil Burgess: What are your goals for 2013? And beyond that?

Konstantine Janashia:  My goals for 2013 are:

  1. Participation in Arnold Classic and in Strongman’s Champions League.
  2. Beyond that : to win both!

Phil Burgess:  How much do you weigh and how tall are you?

Konstantine Janashia: 

  • Height – 195cm
  • Weight – 145 kg.
Leaning into a Bus Pull !!

Phil Burgess:  What do you do as a job in Georgia? And what do you do to Relax?

Konstantine Janashia:   I work as a trainer and instructor in the Gym for professional athletes.

I enjoy listening to music, hunting and hanging around with friends.

Phil Burgess:  Do you follow any special training routines?  Can you describe what you train on the different days of the week?

Konstantine Janashia:  Sure, I follow my own training system, which I found most effective and suitable for me after have tried several routines:

  • Mondays – clean&jerk, squat and bench press.
  • Wednesdays – log lift and dead lift
  • Fridays – farmers, yoke and tire flips

Phil Burgess:  Finally, what Strongman has helped or inspired you the most in this sport and why?

Konstantine Janashia:  Mariusz Pudzianowski for his speed and bursting power.