Life begins at 30 – Konstantin Ilin – Ukrainian Strongman


Konstantin Ilin is a former Ukrainian Strongest Man winner in 2009.

He also has Strongman Pedigree in qualifying twice for the World’s Strongest Man, and has competed frequently in the Strongman Champions League.

Konstantin Ilin Frame Carry
Frame Carry

This is more impressive when you consider that he is 37 now and didn’t take up the sport until he was 30.

Here we have a five minute catch up with him.

Phil Burgess:  You didn’t start competing in Strongman competitions until you were 30, what sports did you do before this?

Konstantin Ilin:   Before I started competing in Strongman, I had been doing martial arts for about 12 years, starting when I just turned 10 and finishing when I was 22 years old.

However I had also been using weights from the age of 15,  I was sure that you should lift more to gain more.

I was encouraged to enter strongman competitions by a friend of mine who was impressed by my results in heavy squats.

He saw me squatting 250kg for 30 repetitions with no equipment.

Phil Burgess: You have competed in many competitions, which result(s) is the one which you are proudest of holding?

Konstantin Ilin:  I’m proud of my “The Strongest Man of Ukraine 2009” title which was undisputed at the time.

Also “The Stongest Slavic 2011”, the winner of “” Matush Chack Sword” and  “Monster Strong 2012”.

Phil Burgess:  How would you describe the Ukraine to someone who has never been there.

Konstantin Ilin: It has the most beautiful sightseeing in the world.

Heavy Yoke

Phil Burgess: What is your favourite strongman event(s)? and least favourite?

Konstantin Ilin: Most favourite ones are:

  • Squat
  • Log Lift
  • Dumbell Press
  • Axle Press

Least favourite ones:

  •  Farmers Walk – but usually I win it 🙂

Phil Burgess: How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

Konstantin Ilin: I’m 183 cm tall. My weight is in between 135 and 145 kg. Depends on competition.

Phil Burgess:  What are your best lifts?

Konstantin Ilin: My best results are:
  • Deadlift 360 for 6 reps
  • Log Press 190 for 1 rep
  • Squat is 435 kg for 1 rep

Phil Burgess:  You broke Derek Poundstone’s record at the time for with the 95kg dumbell for 10 reps in 2010, what tips can you give to get that sort of pressing strength?

Konstantin Ilin: Definitely you should work out harder and do it constantly to reach these kind of results. This year I made it for 97kg for 11 times in 1 min 2 secs.

Conans Wheel

Phil Burgess: What is the worst injury you have had and how have you over come it?

Konstantin Ilin: Luckily I had just a couple of muscle injuries.

Nothing serious. Thank God, it was during my work, not while competing. Doctors helped me to fix it..

Phil Burgess: What are your plans for 2013?

Konstantin Ilin: My targets for 2013 are to win the Strongman Champions League, and all other possible titles. And all impossible ones too 🙂

Phil Burgess: Final question, What strongman has provided the most help to you in your career?

Konstantin Ilin: I can tell you that communication with all of  the strongmen helped me. All of the strongmen are good fellows.

We wish Konstantin Ilin all the best in 2013, and hope to see him on the winners podium at the Strongman Champions League.