BIG Squatting Strongman – Portugal’s Sandro Eusebio

Sandro breaks European Squat Record with a squat of 430.5 kg

It has been said that Sandro Eusebio is possibly the best ever Portuguese Strength Athlete.

This is hard to argue, when the man can squat 460kg, at under 125kg bodyweight and does equally well in the other lifts.

Sandro Eusebio
Sandro breaks European Squat Record with a squat of 430.5 kg

Sandro has also competed recently in the Strongmans Champions League.  Here we catch up with him, for a chat.

Phil Burgess:  You have recently finished competing in 2 Strongmans Champions League, how did it go?

Sandro Eusébio: First of all I was invited to be part of the Strongman Champions League (SCL) Portugal tour as a powerlifter, not a strongman.

I went there to compete against top strongman from around the world and also the best three Portuguese strongmen from 2011.

The main opportunity with this event was that the best Portuguese Strongman in this SCL event would be invited to another SCL in Gibraltar. Which I won.

Forward hold, Sandro beat 40 seconds to win 2nd place in this event in SCL Portugal

Phil Burgess: What did you learn from both competitions?

Sandro Eusébio:  My strongman experience was very limited, I had no international experience only national. I was part of some “Portuguese Strongest Man” in the past, which I won, and that’s all that I can remember.

The lack of experience was very telling in some of the classic strongman events like the yoke or atlas stones that we did in Gibraltar, which I had never done before.  With a  430 kg Yoke it is not a good weight to test or learn any techniques.

Overall I learnt that I am capable of going toe to toe with anyone if I have time to learn the events like I did in Powerlifting.

Sandro getting ready to do 420 kg squat, best squat in the world in that year.

Phil Burgess: What are your best current lifts in Powerlifting?

Sandro Eusébio: My best lifts are:

Squat:  460 kg
Bench: 292.5kg
Deadlift: 385 kg

 All done with a bodyweight lower than 125 kg.

Phil Burgess: I believe that you are looking to set a powerlifting world record, what is it, and in what weight division?

Sandro Eusébio: That is true, and I can tell you already the time and place when I will do it. The WPC European Championship 2013 in Portugal.

I will attempt to break the squat -125kg class record with a 500 kg squat (1100lbs)

Normally I weight around 123 kg at 181 cm tall.

Sandro trys a 430 kg yoke for the first time.

Phil Burgess:  What do you do to relax?

Sandro Eusébio: I’m not the relaxing type guy… And when  I’m not training or competing, I try to promote powerlifting to the young people, so the sport that I love can grow.

Phil Burgess: Finally what are your plans for the next 12 months?

Sandro Eusébio: I plan on having a great European Championship next year and that all foreign competitors enjoy their time in my country.

Also if time is given along with opportunity and the right equipment I will show what I can do in Strongman…

farmers walk 150 kg each hand

We wish Sandro every success in his goal to get the 500kg Squat next year, and hope that he gets the chance to improve his Strongman Event Technique.