Doing Cartwheels – English Strongman Rob Frampton

Rob Frampton Strongman
Doing Cartwheels

In most sports when you reach your late 30’s your career is over.  However in the case of English Strongman Rob Frampton, last year at 38, he earned an invite to the 2011 World’s Strongest Man competition, lets find out more.

Rob Frampton Strongman
Doing Cartwheels

Phil Burgess:  How did you first get involved in strongman competitions?

Rob Frampton: I first got my hunger for strongman when I was 7 years old, watching Geoff Capes at christmas time in Worlds Strongest Man on TV.

I was constantly getting told off by my grandparents for moving their rocks in the rockeries, however my mother used my strengths around our equestrian farm, moving bales of hay/straw , 25kg horse feed and water buckets still at only 10 years old !

At 15, I suffered a nervous breakdown due to bullying from the kids and teachers at school due to me being very overweight.  My big brother got me hooked on weight-training aged 16 when I started losing weight from it.

I did my first strongman competition in 2004, which was a local Portsmouth one.   I placed 2nd and that was it…. strongman was for me !!

Battle Axe Hold

Phil Burgess: What title are you the proudest of winning and what are you best lifts in the log press, Deadlift and Squat?

Rob Frampton: I think being Portsmouth’s Strongest Man for the last 6 years is great but winning Battle of the Giants and gaining my spot at 2011 World’s Strongest Man is just superb !!

My best lifts so far:

  • Log 190kg
  • Deadlift 405kg
  • Squat 405kg

Phil Burgess: What happened at WSM 2011 and what are your competitive plans for 2012 and 2013?

Rob Frampton: Yes WSM 2011 was a total nightmare for me I’ve had countless x-rays, CT scan’s, massage and chiro and its slowly getting better.

So for now I’m getting back to training when I can , then come 2013 all should be great and I’m hoping to get back to World’s Strongest Man !!

Rob Frampton Stone Carry
Stone Carrying

Phil Burgess: Do you think the incident in 2006 when you were shot, positively impacted your life in the longer term or not?

Rob Frampton: YES it made me realise you have to make every day count.

Do everything you can to make your life better and respect / love your family and friends and treat everyone as you want to be treated ,and above all else enjoy yourself !!

Phil Burgess: How many more years do you think you have in this sport competing at the top level, considering that you seem to have started to peak once you were past 35?

Rob Frampton: mmm I’m not sure as long as I feel strong and injury free, I’ll keep going.  I’m getting into armwrestling so at least I’ve got something else to train for when the weights of strongman gets too heavy 🙂

Phil Burgess: Are there too many strongman federations, or do you think the greater the number will help the growth of the sport?

Rob Frampton: I think its great, gets the world seeing more of it !!

Phil Burgess: What is your favourite and least favourite event?

Rob Frampton: Best Events are  Log and Yoke, whilst my worst are the Shield Carry and Conan’s Wheel.

Laundry Thieves 🙂

Phil Burgess: You weigh 150kg approximately at 6 foot 1. How many calories a day do you find you have to eat to maintain this?

Rob Frampton:  I’ve been on a different diet for this year and its working, I eat all sorts of foods and I keep my weight stable , its about 4/5000 cals a day.

Phil Burgess: If you could only take one piece of strongman equipment on a deserted island with you, what would it be and why?

Rob Frampton: A Log you can train on it and it makes a good seat too 🙂

Phil Burgess: Finally, are the top UK competitors pally with each other or do you guys keep a competitive distance? Are you good friends with any of the other top UK strongmen?

Rob Frampton:  I’m good friends with many of the guys, my best friends in the sport are Terry (Hollands), Lozzer (Shahlei), but I think we all get on because we know how bloody hard it is. 🙂

A big thank-you to Rob Frampton, we wish you a full recovery from your sciatica.


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