Bison Blanc – Powerlifter Didier Michelon

Didier Michelon - Powerlifting

Bison Blanc, Didier Michelon has an impressive bench press, especially when you consider he is almost 50 years old.

Didier Michelon - PowerliftingWe had this short interview with Didier where we learnt a little more about him.

Phil Burgess: How old, How tall,and how much do you weigh?

Dider Michelon: I am 49 years old (competing in the Master 2 class (M2).

I am 172cm tall and have weighed approximately 114kg.

Phil Burgess: You are a powerlifter, what records do you currently hold?

Dider Michelon:  I hold an equipped bench press record of 327.5kg which was done at a meet in June of 2012, in the M2 Class.


Phil Burgess: What do you do to psyche yourself up before lifting?

Dider Michelon: I put myself in a bubble , I transpose me into another world, stress that I succeed in the same time.

Phil Burgess: Have you ever competed in strongman competitions, if so how have you gone?

Dider Michelon: I was involved in a demonstration of the sport of strongman at Stade Francais, but that is my only involvement so far.

Didier Michelon Bench Pressing
Bench Pressing by Didier

Phil Burgess: How popular is Powerlifting in France, and would you say that the sport is growing?

Dider Michelon: There are numerous followers of the sport but few competitors.

There are also too many different federations.

Phil Burgess: What do you love the most about Powerlifting?

Dider Michelon:

  1. Sensation of maximum effort
  2. To push away(Repel) the limits of the possible….
  3. Frighten a little!

Phil Burgess: If you could improve the sport of Powerlifting in any way, what would you do?

Dider Michelon:

  • Put back in control the WPO
  • More television coverage
  • Get more prizemoney involved.

Phil Burgess: Which one of the 3 powerlifting movements, do you have to work the hardest on, to bring it up to the same level as your other two lifts?

Dider Michelon:  My Deadlift.  It has got weaker, it was 270kg in 1989, now it is 245kg…

Didier Michelon Squatting
Squat -time

Phil Burgess: What are your goals for the rest of 2012? And beyond that?

Dider Michelon:

  1. World record bench press – WPC Federation
  2. World record bench press – WUAP Federation
  3. World record powerlifting total – WUAP Federation

Phil Burgess: Finally you are currently looking for a sponsor, what would you do for the sponsor , how could you help their business?


Dider Michelon: I would be happy to wear clothing or equipment bearing the sponsors logo in competitions, and include it in my videos.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring me, they can contact me at:

We wish Didier Michelon the best in 2012, and hope that someone will be able to sponsor him soon.