Strongman and Short Sticks – Oleksandr Lashyn – 3x Ukraine’s Strongest Man

Oleksandr Lashyn Raising the Axle
Raising the Axle

Oleksandr Lashyn is a 3 times Ukraine’s Strongest Man Champion………………

Oleksandr Lashyn Raising the Axle
Raising the Axle

In this short interview we find out a bit more about this Strongman, who also competes in the Russian sport of MAS (stick) Wrestling.

Phil Burgess: How many times have you won the title of Ukraine’s Strongest Man?

Oleksandr Lashyn: Three times I was the strongest man in Ukraine, in 2008, 2010 and 2011.

Phil Burgess: What is your greatest win or placing in the sport of strongman?

Oleksandr Lashyn: The most significant victories for me, were becoming the champion of Ukraine in 2008 and my 3rd place in the 2008 World Strongman Federation – World Cup.


Phil Burgess: Would you say the sport of strongman is growing in the Ukraine, or has not changed?

Oleksandr Lashyn: Over the last two years our federation has developing very strongly, especially with more younger strongmen, where we have been looking for new talent.

Phil Burgess: Where will you be competing next?

Oleksandr Lashyn: I’m getting ready for Krasnoyarsk the WSF World Cup event, and for Dnipropetrovsk.

I am currently in good form coming 8th out of 15 competitors on June 10th at a  MAS-wrestling event in Yakut, Russia.

Phil Burgess:What are your favourite and least favourite strongman events?

Oleksandr Lashyn: My favourite event is the log lift and most unloved is the Conan’s Wheel.

Phil Burgess: How would you describe your town and country?

Oleksandr Lashyn: I live in Mariupol – the city on the shores of the Sea of Azov.  The city has three metallurgical factories, which are it’s main industry.

The country of Ukraine is very interesting and varied from one side to the other, from the Steppes and mountains to the sea and lots of forests and lakes.

Phil Burgess:You also compete in MAS Wrestling, what is your best result in this sport? And what skills does a MAS Wrestler need to be a success at this discipline?

Oleksandr Lashyn: I have twice accepted invitations to participate in MAS -wrestling.

Last year I was fifth in the championship of Russia. To win in this event you need to know the different techniques and methods to hold the stick (MAS)………………

We will follow Oleksandr’s progress in MAS Wrestling and Strongman, and we wish him the best of luck.