Interview with No.1 US Olympic Weightlifter 75kg+ Sarah Robles

Sarah Robles Weightlifting
Sarah practicing

With the London Olympics fast approaching we had to do an interview with top US Olympic Weightlifter 75kg+ Sarah Robles.

Sarah Robles Weightlifting
Sarah practicing

Since this interview I have also found out that she suffers from a condition

Madelung’s deformity, which affects her forearms making them structurally weaker.

This makes her an even more amazing athlete…

This interview was done by Milia Cavallaro, a young and aspiring strength athlete.

Milia Cavallaro: How did you get started in Olympic Lifting, what was the path which led you there?

Sarah Robles: My high school throwing coach made me use weightlifting as part of my strength and conditioning program for track and field.

I did a couple of local competitions and fell in love with it. I figured I would dabble in it recreationally after my track career was over.

When I was at ASU, I met Joe Micela who suggested that I compete and try to qualify and medal at the Jr. Nationals.

After a few competitions, I decided to switch sports and pursue my Olympic Dreams in a new sport.

Milia Cavallaro: What is your best title victory to date, and what are your best lifts?

Sarah Robles:  My best victory would have to be my 3rd National Championship.

I felt I won my first championship title because 3X Olympian, Cheryl Haworth didn’t compete.

The 2nd was more fulfilling because I had to defend that title.

The 3rd was the best because I continued to defend my title under the most stressful of situations, trying to qualify for the Olympics.

My best training lifts are snatch: 120 kgs and clean and jerk 150 kgs.

Milia Cavallaro:  What are your goals for this year?

Sarah Robles:  I want to go 6 for 6 (making all of my lifts) at the London Olympic Games as well as set personal records.

If I do both of those things, I can have a fighting chance at getting a medal.

Sarah Robles

Milia Cavallaro:  What is your diet like? Do you struggle with it?

Sarah Robles: I have to consume alot of calories as well as protei.

The one thing I have struggled with most this past year is being able to afford as much food as I needed or the quality that I needed. I struggle most with consuming enough protein. I need ALOT and I just cannot get enough.

I just need to maintain my body weight and make sure I’m healthy.

Milia Cavallaro:  What is your training like and how does it fit in with your every day schedule?

Sarah Robles: I’m more concerned with having my daily schedule fit in with my training. I train full-time so everything I do revolves around that.

Milia Cavallaro:  How would you describe yourself if someone asked? Does your sport define you?

Sarah Robles: When I’m coaching track and field I just say I’m a track coach. Haha.

My sport isn’t who I am. It is an appendage or an extension of who I am. I’m not doing anything else right now so I just say that I”m an Olympic Weightlifter.

I wish I had time for other things so I can just talk to people normally without answering 1,000 questions about weightlifting.

Milia Cavallaro: Is weightlifting your life or is it just something you love to do?

Sarah Robles: Right now, weightlifting is my life. Everything I do goes into weightlifting. It’s both my life and something I do.

Milia Cavallaro: What drives you and motivates you?

Sarah Robles: It sure isn’t the money! haha. I like being the best. Being the best me.

Weightlifting enables me to do so many positive things. It allows me to express myself, be empowered, have fun, travel and compete.

Nothing better than putting my head on my pillow at night knowing I did everything I could that day to be the best.

Milia Cavallaro:  How influential is your trainer in your life and in the decisions you’ve made?

Sarah Robles: I don’t make any decisions without discussing it first with my coach. He’s a man of many hats. He’s an amazing coach and a great guy.

Milia Cavallaro: I always feel like there is more in me after a training session, even though I know I couldn’t have pushed any harder than I did. How do you feel after a good session? Have you ever had any bad sessions?

Sarah Robles: I feel “like a boss” after I’m done with a good training session. Haha but seriously I can either feel like that or have the feeling of “Duh! why haven’t you been doing that before?!”

Unfortunately I am not lifting what I’m capable of. I still have a lot of room to go.

Most athletes are never satisfied even after a stellar performance. There’s always something that could have gone better or been done differently.

The team at VikingStrength will be watching Sarah’s progress at the Olympic Games with a great deal of interest, and we wish her all the best.

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Sarah Robles