Aaron Brown – From the Bench to the Main Game – Strongman

USA Strongman Aaron Brown
Future Log Press World Record Holder...

Strongman Aaron Brown has an incredible Bench Press, pushing out 1 rep max’s with over 1000lbs in training.

Now this Bench Press addict has become addicted to Strongman, and his competitors should take note.

USA Strongman Aaron Brown
Future Log Press World Record Holder...

Even Zydrunas Savickas should be scared, as the Log Press World Record may well become the property of one EXTREMELY STRONG American Strongman

Aaron Brown…

Phil Burgess: You recently did a 1001 pound bench press? Was this at a powerlifting meet, and what gear were you wearing to do this? What can you say to those people who will question if the lift was a legal “competition” lift?

Aaron Brown: No I didn’t lift it in a meet. I am training right now.

Currently I have done 1041 lbs. I’m not one to judge whether it was a legal lift. They will have to watch the video. I really don’t care what people think. We will see what I can do at a meet, as I said I’m only in training mode right now.

Currently I am using METAL JACK bench shirt. I love it. But my forearms are so large, I have very difficult time getting the shirt on. Once it’s in on it’s on.

Phil Burgess: When do you think you will attempt to do this again at a Powerlifting meet?

Aaron Brown:  I plan on doing a SPF meet soon, probably after the Europa in Dallas in August.

Phil Burgess: Has your bench press always been your best lift? and why do you think you are so strong in the Bench Press? What about the other lifts.

Aaron Brown: Yes my bench has always been my strongest lift.

My upper body I will attribute to growing up with my dad on construction sites picking up rocks and being very involved in sports as a child.

My Deadlift is around 765lb , and Squat around 850lbs.

Toying with a 400lb Atlas Stone

Phil Burgess: Do you do Bench Press training with boards, bands and chains, and can you give us an idea of a bench press training session and what it looks like?

Aaron Brown: I use boards, chains, bands.  Typically I start by warming up with just the bar, arching my back whilst working on form and breathing, getting my mind ready.

Then I start with 20 reps of 135
15 reps of 225
12 reps 315
10 reps 405
5 reps 495
3 reps 585

Then on to single reps jumping to 700 800 900 1000

Then lots of rest at least 10 minutes

In between sets of 1000 plus!

Phil Burgess: Do you follow any specific training approaches, like Westside for example, or do you have your own style of training?

Aaron Brown: I implement alot of different techniques mostly Westside, but I also have my own ones.

Phil Burgess: How did you get into Powerlifting? and Strongman competitions, and what has been your best result to date?

Aaron Brown: I got into Powerlifting after watching John Jacobs with the POWER TEAM. They inspired me.

Strongman came into play about four years ago and I’ve never looked back!!!

My best events would be:

  1. Log press 405 x 7
  2. Car deadlift 700 x 25
  3. Fire truck pull 50 ft in 32.08 seconds

Phil Burgess: What is your goal for 2012, and beyond in the sport?

Aaron Brown: 2012 will be getting my pro card and winning America’s strongman and hopefully win Worlds Strongest Man one year.

I’d also like to break the world bench press record .

Phil Burgess: Who do you rate as the best Bench Presser in the world, over the past 50 years? Bearing in mind that equipment was limited years back.

Aaron Brown: I look up at Scott Mendelson alot.

Phil Burgess: What’s the best advice you have been given to improve your Bench Press, can you share it with us?

Aaron Brown:  

  1. Lift Big Eat Big!!!
  2. Negatives and bands.
  3. Always trick your chest and never get settled into one routine.
  4. If you need an extra day of rest then take it.

Keep it guessing on what your gonna throw its way every time. And listen to your body.

Injury is the worst thing it effects everything. So lift smart and always have spotters, you can never be too safe!!

They could almost be brothers...
They could almost be brothers...


Phil Burgess: I have seen photos of you doing the Log Press, does your Bench Press strength correlate to your log strength? What is your max loglift? Im interested as Strongman Mike Jenkins has a massive loglift, but never benches..

Aaron Brown:  I believe my log strength and bench have alot to do with each other. My max log is 405 for reps but haven’t reached a single max yet.

Phil Burgess: Finally as there anybody you would like to thank ?

Aaron Brown: I would like to thank all my friends, family, and fans out there. Your support has brought me through alot of adversity. I will do my best to not let you down.

I would also like to thank God for giving me this power to show the world that through him all things are possible 

We wish Aaron all the best and look forward to seeing him competing in World’s Strongest Man..