FREE Strongman/Strongwoman Mentoring Service


Are you an Established Athlete who is happy to mentor a new person to the sport?


Are you new to the sport and need someone experienced to act as your guide?












OK this may be a little random, but who likes the idea of Strongman/Strongwoman mentors.

Practically the idea is for a new person to the sport to be paired up with an established athlete to provide encouragement, assistance and support.

You dont need to be in the same area, or even country , or even continent. Though the powers of Facebook chat/Email you can mentor your Strongman/Strongwoman Newbies.

Yes you wont get paid for it, but the reward will be in helping tomorrows generation of strongmen and strongwomen to succeed.

If you are interested in being a mentor, message me, on facebook.

There is no cost to this, it is a free service.

Complete this questionnaire if you would like to be mentored:

Phil Burgess

President – Viking Strength