RESULTS – Holland’s Got Power – World Strongman Federation Competition

Holland's Got Power

Results are in:

Richard van der Linden WINS!

1 Richard van der Linden 49
2 Sebastian Davidsson 40
3 Konstantinie Janaskie 32,5
4 Hendrik Ottoson 28
5 David Nijstom 26
6 Tamás Hajnal 25,5
7 Jack Titan Krajewski 24
8 Fredi Gonzales 22,5
9 Sándor Bíró 15
10 Evegenij Scerbakov 12,5

NETHERLANDS – On Sunday 10th of June in Hoofddorp, under the name of Holland’s got power, will be an international strongman competition.

Twelve gigantic athletes from the countries including France, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and Sweden, will measure their almost superhuman strength under the umbrella of the World Strongman Federation (WSF).
Holland's Got Power

Holland will be represented by the over 6 foot 5 tall Richard van der Linden, also known as ‘the giant of Hoofddorp’.

Earlier this year Richard won the 1st place in the prestigious BSFA Iron man games in Bulgaria.

In 2011 he gained the title of Dutch champion “Train Pulling” and strongest “Dutch Highlander.”

Furthermore he reached second place as strongest man of Holland in 2008 and 2010.

On the van Stam square in Hoofddorp, the twelve musclemen will challenge each other from 12pm to 5pm on 5 different disciplines:

  1. Deadlift max
  2. Medley
  3. Stones
  4. Timber-walk
  5. Truck-pulling.

Strongest man of the world 1992, Ted van der Parre, will be the acting judge.

Probably Hollands most famous strongman, Siem Wulfse, will be the captain of the team of VIP’s who are excited about attending the event.

The proceeds of Hollands got power 2012, will be donated to the charity Dance4life that inspires young people to prevent the spreading of HIV and Aids.

Dance4Life does this through organising school projects.

The team at VikingStrength wish the contestants and the organisers the best of the luck for the event.