2012 Norway’s Strongest Man – Ole Martin Hansen

Ole Martin Hansen 2012 Norway's Strongest Man
2012 Norway's Strongest Man

Ole Martin Hansen

2012 Norway’s Strongest Man.

He impressively beat last year’s Worlds Strongest Man finalist and Top 10 competitor Norwegian Espen Aune (2011 Norway’s Strongest Man).

Ole Martin Hansen 2012 Norway's Strongest Man
2012 Norway's Strongest Man

So who is Ole Martin Hansen, lets find out more…..

Phil Burgess: You recently won 2012 Norway’s Strongest Man competition, tell us more?

Ole Martin Hansen: I have been dreaming of this for 4 years now and it felt really good reaching my goal. This win is the one that I am proudest of achieving.

Phil Burgess: How did you get into Strongman competitions?

Ole Martin Hansen: Since I was a little kid I have always been interested in strength sports. However it was not until I watched the 2007 Norway’s Strongest Man competition, that I decided to start strongman.

Also I am from the same town as the former 2001 Worlds Strongest Man Svend “Viking” Karlsen who influenced and motivated me too.

Phil Burgess: What sports did you play as a child growing up?

Ole Martin Hansen: I played football from the age 7-11, but my skills as a football player really sucked so i quit at the age 11.

Phil Burgess: Can you summarise how your competitive strongman career has progresses?

Ole Martin Hansen: I have competed in alot of competitions in Norway and Denmark.
I have also competed in the Arnold Amateur World championship 3 times, 2010-2012.
  • I finished 18th out of 55 in 2010. 
  • I felt that 2012 was going to be my year.  It was over four events and after two events I was in 9th place out of 53. I had two of my favourite events left, but unfortunately I injured my back on the third event (car deadlift).

I got 4th place in 2010 Norway’s Strongest Man and I didn´t compete in the 2011 competition.

Ole Martin Hansen Atlas Stones
Atlas Stone Event

Phil Burgess:What were the events in the 2012 Norways Strongest Man competition?

Ole Martin Hansen:

  •  Truck Pull
  • Car Deadlift
  • Crucifix Hold
  • Viking Press
  • Farmers Walk and Loading medley
  • Atlas Stones

Phil Burgess: What events did you do best on?

Ole Martin Hansen:  My best event was the Crucifix Hold.

I held 10 seconds longer than second place and 20 seconds longer than third place.

Phil Burgess: How strong was the competition?

Ole Martin Hansen: The top four in Norway’s Strongest Man are really strong guys.

Espen Aune who came in third place competed in Worlds Strongest Man last year, and was very close reaching the final and top 10.

Phil Burgess: What are your best lifts for Deadlift, Log Lift and Squat?

Ole Martin Hansen: 

  • Deadlift 12 reps x 300kg (660 pounds)
  • Log lift 4 reps x 171 kg (376 pounds)
  • Front Squat 280kg (616 pounds)
Ole Martin Hansen - Car Deadlift
Picking Up a Pick-Up Truck..

Phil Burgess: What are your favourite strongman events, and least favourite?

Ole Martin Hansen: My favourite events are Log Press, Loading events, Atlas Stones, Husafell Stone and Truck Pull,.

My least favourite is the Yoke, because I lack speed, but I am working on it!

Phil Burgess: How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

Ole Martin Hansen:  186 cm and 138 kg.

Phil Burgess: How often do you get remedial massages, or chiropractic help?

Ole Martin Hansen: The last three weeks before Norway’s Strongest Man I was at my physiotherapist two times a week.

Phil Burgess: Do you train with any other top strongmen and if so who are they?

Ole Martin Hansen:  Sometimes I train with Svend “Viking” Karlsen.

I am also training with Bjorn Andre Solvang who has the Norwegian Log Press record. He has also competed in the Log Press World Championships and the Arnold Amateur World Championship.

Phil Burgess: What other goals do you have for 2012?

Ole Martin Hansen:  When I won Norway’s Strongest Man I qualified for the World’s Strongest Man.  So all my plans for this summer have changed.

Now I will train, train and train to get stronger and become a better strongman, so I can hopefully reach my goal which is reaching the final and top 10 in WSM.

Phil Burgess:Where are you from in Norway?

Ole Martin Hansen: I am from a place in Norway called Drammen.
Drammen is in the south of Norway and is the next city to the capital, Oslo.  It  is very beautiful with a river running through the city and is surrounded by mountains.
It is a medium sized city in the Norwegian scale with 60 000 residents.

Phil Burgess: Final Question, Who inspires you the most in the sport of Strongman?

Ole Martin Hansen: Some strongmen that inspire me because of their strength or character are: Svend “Viking” Karlsen, Bill Kazmaier, Jon Pall, Mikhail Koklyaev, and Zydrunas Zavickas.