Strongman Colm “Big Bad” Woulfe – 2012 New Zealand’s Strongest Man


Colm Woulfe recently won 2012 New Zealand’s Strongest Man.

Whilst not the biggest competition in the strongman world, he has the frame and potential to go all the way.

Over to Colm before I do any “Big Bad” Woulfe Jokes….

Phil Burgess: You were recently crowned 2012 New Zealand’s Strongest Man, how did it feel to win this title?

Colm Woulfe:It feels great to have won it, it feels like all the hard work and 聽training paid off, at the same time though I feel like now I must get alot stronger to not only defend the title but also to compete overseas.

That was the first time I’ve entered NZSM so I wasn’t expecting to win and its definitely the best title I’ve won to date, in fact its the only strongman competition I’ve actually won 馃檪

Phil Burgess: 聽What were your thoughts during the competition on how you were going, compared with your competitors?

Colm Woulfe:聽To be honest I tried not to concern myself with how the other competitors would do in each event. I told myself before the comp all I had to do was do my absolute best in each event and I would be able to live with myself.

I dont feel that I’m at a level of strength where I have the luxury of trying to focus on just beating the other competitiors times, reps or weights. I just went into every event and gave it everything I had.

Phil Burgess: What is your childhood sporting background, and how did that lead you to Strongman?

Colm Woulfe: 聽When I was very young I grew up playing soccer and cricket, before playing rugby for a couple of years at about 12-14 years of age. After that I became fat and lazy and didnt do any form of activity until I was about 16 when I started weight training.

I started out with typical hypertrophy-type training routine, before I found out about a powerlifting /weightlifting gym, Gillies Avenue Gym in Auckland.

Editors Note: “G.A.G!” great name for a hardcore gym 馃檪聽

I started doing powerlifting but then moved into strongman when I started studying at AUT where I met Justin Keogh a senior lecturer and under 105kg strongman champion.

Strongman Colm Woulfe
Colm winning 2012 New Zealand's Strongest Man

Phil Burgess: Is the popularity of Strongman Competitions increasing in New Zealand?

Colm Woulfe:聽NZSM had one of the biggest crowds this year at the Easter Show, however its not exactly a big sport in NZ.

Most people tend to associate strongman with the mitre 10 mega guy (Levi Vaoga)

Phil Burgess:What are your strongman competition plans now?

Colm Woulfe: 聽The next competition will be North Shore’s Strongest Man 2012 in May.

I plan on competing overseas when I feel I’m at a level to be somewhat competitive, so hopefully ASAP.

Phil Burgess: What do you see as your areas of weakness that you need to develop, and what would you say are your strengths?

Colm Woulfe: 聽My strengths at this stage in strongman would be grip events (I have the inch dumbell deadlift record and hercules hold record) and my consistency through the other events.

I also feel confident in the carrying events such as farmers walk. I dont have a great glaring weakness, I need to get stronger everywhere.

So now my main goal is to get my gym lifts up ie get a bigger deadlift, squat and log press.

Phil Burgess: How big are you, and what are your best lifts?

Colm Woulfe: 聽Im 23 years old, 6ft 5inches (196cm)and weigh 125kgs.

  • Log Press 140kg.
  • Deadlift 285kg
  • Squat 210kg
  • Bench 175kg.Colm Woulfe Deadlifting

Phil Burgess: 聽Where are you from in New Zealand?

Colm Woulfe: 聽I’m from a place in West Auckland called Huia.

Its a nice small town right on the beach with a great view of the ocean and forest. There’s not exactly much to see there other than the spectacular scenery 馃檪

Phil Burgess: Finally, I have heard that Ben Franks All Black Rugby Union player has competed in some Highland Games events. Have you ever competed against him or any other current or former All Blacks?

Colm Woulfe: 聽I havent had the opportunity to compete with any All Blacks.

My best All Black story is that me and some mates ran into Sonny Bill Williams at the beach one time and got a photo with him, he called me big guy 馃檪

All the best Colm, and we look forward to watching your progression.


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