Stoyan “The Destroyer” Todorchev – Bulgarian Strongman

Stoyan Todorchev Bulgarian Strongman
Car Deadlifting

Stoyan Todorchev is a BIG Bulgarian Strongman. He made a BIG impact when he first came onto the strongman scene.

Stoyan Todorchev Bulgarian Strongman
Car Deadlifting

He has been recovering from an injury for the last few months, but when he hits 100% fitness in 2012 the other guys had better watch out!

Here is my translated interview with

Stoyan “The Destroyer” Todorchev….

Phil Burgess:  How did you get involved in the sport of strongman?

Stoyan Todorchev:  When I was 16, I started training in my home with weights.

Then at the age of  18 years I had my first competition in powerlifting.

At that meet I had 270kg squat, 170kg bench and 300kg deadlift
without suits, only belt.

I became the Bulgarian powerlifting champion in 2006 when I was 21, and in that same year I lifted a 400kg Deadlift, a Bulgarian record.

In 2004 my best friend said to me after one competition in powerlifting that I should try strongman competitions.  Since then I have won over 30 events.

Phil Burgess:  Which competition win means the most to you?

Stoyan Todorchev: My two best victories were those over Mariusz  Pudzianowski in November 2008 in Iran and my victory over Zydrunas  Savitskas in July 2011 in Moscow.

Out of these two, I would say beating five time world champion Mariusz Pudzianowski was the best, because he has won the most titles.

Phil Burgess: What lessons have you learned in strongman?

Stoyan Todorchev:  Strongman is a complexed sport, which makes it even more difficult, because it requires both strength and stamina.  

I have found that it also takes a strong mentality, discipline and hard work.

Phil Burgess: What is the worst injury that you suffered?

Stoyan Todorchev: The worst injury I got was in my waist.  I got it in a workout in August 2011 after the contest in Moscow.  It has taken over 6 months to heal and I’m almost back to 100% , and I’m back training hard now.

I was not been able to compete in two strongman competitions which I had been invited to, but I am ready to receive invites to compete now.

Phil Burgess:  How popular is Strongman in Bulgaria, and are there any other top Bulgarian Strongmen?

Stoyan Todorchev:  Bulgaria is a small country and is poorly developed economically.  The sport of strongman is not well developed in Bulgaria, however there are a few guys who are also competing. 

  • Zdravko Zanev he was in Amateur Arnold Classic this year 2012.
  • The other athlete is Vladimir Rizov he was in Abu Dhabi competing in the World Strongman Cup in February.

Phil Burgess:  Where are you from in Bulgaria?

Stoyan Todorchev: I live in the city of Perushitsa located in the central part of Bulgaria.  

I like this place because it is peaceful and has stunning scenery.

Phil Burgess: What are your best and worst strongman events?

Stoyan Todorchev: My strongest discipline is the farmers walk as I have six world records in it, but the worst is my overhead raises.

Phil Burgess: What do you love about the sport of strongman?

Stoyan Todorchev: I have to say that all the athletes in this sport I’ve competed against are now good friends. 

Phil Burgess: What’s your best loglift, deadlift, and bench?

Stoyan Todorchev:  My best lifts are:

  • 185 kg Log Lift
  • 422Kg Deadlift
  • 250kg Bench Press

Phil Burgess: What do you need to improve in order to win Worlds Strongest Man?

Stoyan Todorchev: For me, I think the mind is most important to win this competition, because any small inaccuracy can lose a lot of points.

I have learnt alot from Mariusz Pudzianowski because I have competed against him alot.

Phil Burgess: What exercises do you use to improve your grip?

Stoyan Todorchev: I haven’t done any special exercises for my grip.  I do heavy farmers walk and I also hold the heavy bar in my hand for a long time.

Stoyan Todorchev

Phil Burgess: Where do you train, and what do you do when not training or competing?

Stoyan Todorchev: I train in the gym in Perushtitsa five times a week

I work as a security guard when  I am not training as a professional strongman.  I like to relax by going for walks with friends.

Thanks Stoyan and all the best for your comeback.

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