Jordan Steffens – Australian Strongman – The Future Force

Jordan Steffens Australian Strongman
Car-Jacking Australian Style

Jordan Steffen’s name has been mentioned to me by many Australian Strongman competitors, and it’s normally said with “he is the one to watch for the future” completing the sentence.  So on the eve of Jordan competing as the youngest competitor in the Giants Live competition in Melbourne, we thought we should catch up with him..

Jordan Steffens Australian Strongman
Car-Jacking Australian Style

Phil Burgess: How did you first get involved in the sport of strongman?

Jordan Steffens: My first strongman comp was back in 2006, I had been training with weights since I was 13.

I was an amateur wrestler and started Olympic weightlifting at age 16 winning state titles and national titles in both sports, and I still do both sports just for fun and to help my strongman.

In 2006 I went up to the highland games competition to watch South Australian (SA) strongest man and my Chiropractor Peter Snodgrass.   He told me when I got there that I was competing even though I had a quad strain.  

I came second as a lightweight having never competed before and injured as well. After that I could not help, but start  training with the crew here in SA, all top blokes and all strong as!

This is the greatest sport in the world. 

Phil Burgess:  You train with Chris Rae, former Commonwealth Games Weightlifting Gold Medallist, how has he helped you in your training?

Jordan Steffens:  Of course Big C Rae, his training is not rocket science BUT it’s so effective, most people will try and make their training more difficult than it has to be.

Chris sits down with me works out the weakness in me, what needs to be achieved in the time given and work my training program to fix the weakness and improve my overall performances.  

I am very lucky to have a coach like Chris supporting me, and my team of:

  • Chiro – Peter Snodgrass
  • Physio – Scott Smith
  • Masseur – Paul Zbierski
  • Recovery Coach – Ben Maddern.

Phil Burgess:  Who’s better you or Chris?

Jordan Steffens:  Who is better hahahahaha WELL…  look, as me and Chris have spoken about before I am stronger than he is, but he is more powerful than me.

We both have pro’s and con’s and we both are working on our weaknesses because I know I have plenty of them.

Phil Burgess: Who do you respect the most in the sport of strongman?

Jordan Steffens:  In the sport today I respect no one more then Bill Lyndon he was first REAL Strongman in Australia and the man who has REALLY started to build this sport in Australia.

To get to the stage of having a Giants Live in Melbourne this weekend is great.

I am very biased as Bill has been my mentor since I was about 17 or 18 years old and gave me the chance and time of day,so I am in debt in him for all his support.

Also guys like Jon–Pall, Svend Karlsen, Mark Henry and Glenn Ross. GREAT show men! And fantastic strongmen!

Paul Anderson is one of my hero’s just a real OLD SCHOOL strength athlete and a great man he will go down in history as one of the strongest man who ever lived and as a true humanitarian.

ALL my peers I respect every man or woman who steps out onto the strongman stage, no matter who they are.

Finally my SA training crew, everyone of them are like family to me, all are my brothers and sisters!

Jordan Steffens Strongman - Training Crew
South Australian Training Crew

Phil Burgess: What’s your favourite event?

Jordan Steffens: Car Walk/Yoke are my Favourite just a HEAVY event with pain ever where! Love it!!!  

Also Hand over Hand a GREAT arm pump! 

And the Stones are just the GREATEST event in strongman history almost all around the world there is a stone lift of some sort.

Phil Burgess: You are the youngest person competing at the Giants Live Event in Melbourne? How do you think you will go? What result will you be happy with?

Jordan Steffens: Yes I will be the youngest and one of the most inexperienced guys there at age 23.

I will go and do the best I can, I have nothing to lose only to gain competing with the best guys in the world.

So any result is a good result, I will give 100% and put on a top show.

Phil Burgess: What do you know of each of the other competitors at the Giants competition?

Jordan Steffens: Ok here we go:

1.Mike Jenkins – U.S.A. (UNREAL strongman 6.6ft 350lbs+ this guy is strong everywhere, 2012 Arnold classic winner he beat: Shaw, Poundstone and the Big Z so that says enough)
2. Eben Le Roux – Australia (I believe the uncrowned champ of Australia, Eben is a big man with fitness strength and skill and always a pleasure to compete with him, watch him in the deadlift!)
3. Gerhard Van Staden – South Africa. (The South African Bull  the number 1 over there, so should be great to watch and a big deadlifter too)
4. Michael Burke – U.S.A. (seen some really good results so another great strongman from the US and a man with a great grip)
5. Derek Boyer – Australia (The old war horse! But still with alot of tricks up his sleeve! And still strong as an ox!)
6. Eddie Hall – U.K. (Another young guy but a machine the new “MR T” I  have been told! But a 400kg deadlift is huge and very keen to see him compete and put on a great show)
7. Nick Best – U.S.A (another great US athlete and another man pushing for top spots. Seen him compete and he is strong, so very keen to see him lift and learn from him).
8. Frankie Scheun – South Africa. (Don’t know much about Frankie but I know he is strong, so a real dark horse to me but should be good to see)
9. Jeremy Hogg – New Zealand. (Big hoggy the most athletic strongman around, does the splits anytime, any day and is a big big guy! Will be good to watch compete for top spots)

Jordan Steffens Strongman with Anvil
Real Iron Work

Phil Burgess: How would you assess the level of strongman competitions and popularity in Australia?

Jordan Steffens:  When I started strongman in around 2006 there were about 20 guys doing strongman around the country now there are more than 20 guys in small comps in Queensland and Victoria these days.

The sport has grown in leaps and bounds! Thanks to guys like Bill Lyndon, Derek Boyer, Lance Holland-Keen and the family, Ben Maddern The Qld Crew – Eben Le roux, Marc Wells, Rob Kilpatrick, Luke Middleton, Warrick Brant, Peter Weatherall  and Victoria’s very own Sir George Mariolis and many other promoters.

Phil Burgess: What areas do you think you need to work on the most to win the biggest events possible?

Jordan Steffens:  Grip 100% and keep working on my power output, but my grip needs to improve alot for me to be a real force in strongman. 

With the support I have I will get there in time.

Phil Burgess: If you could improve the sport of strongman in any way what would it be?

Jordan Steffens: I love this sport for what it is I don’t want it to change too much, I want to keep seeing the guys in the sport keep on improving and keep seeing the top guys breaking world records and putting on top shows!

I like to keep the old school side of strongman around cause that’s where is all started!!

Phil Burgess: What do you love the most about the sport?

Jordan Steffens: Nothing is better than standing after doing a P.B or lifting something heavy and feeling on top of the world!

Standing in front of a huge crowd and lifting! No better feeling then that!

Phil Burgess: Thanks Jordan, and May be the FORCE be with you at Giants Live in Melbourne this weekend.


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