Jeremy Hogg – New Zealand Strongman- Out from under the Radar in 2012 !!

Jeremy Hogg - International Strongman Competitor
Just an easy deadlift for Jeremy..

Jeremy Hogg Flies under the Radar.  He is one of the best strongman competitors in Australia (originally from New Zealand), but he gets little publicity.  Just doing a google search on him comes up with very little.  So here at Viking Strength we are going to change that and lift him above the radar so that our readers can learn more about this good natured strongman, who will be competing in the Melbourne round of the Giants Live competition in 2012.

Jeremy Hogg - International Strongman Competitor
Just an easy deadlift for Jeremy..

Jeremy Hogg – Quick Stats

  • Age 39
  • Height 192cm
  • Weight 142kg to 148kg
  • Best Deadlift 362kg standard in training with straps and suit
  • Squats 325kg x 3
  • Bench Press 230kg x 3 touch and go, not done since shot-putt days but have done close grip 205kg

Ok how did you get into the sport of Strongman?

Jeremy Hogg: I have competed in all sports but the main ones were State level swimming until age 17. I also played AFL (Australian Rules Football) at semi pro level until 2001 in WA and VIC.

I started athletic shot-puttt again in 2002  and competed at the nationals where I won a silver medal. I then found a strongman competition at the end of 2006 in Collie, Western Australia. I entered and won that event, and then I was hooked 🙂

Five months later I was competing in an international strongman competition against the likes of  Mariusz Pudzianowski and Mark Felix in Iran.

In 2011 what strongman contests did you enter and how did you go?

Jeremy Hogg:  

  • FitX Melbourne Strongman Competition – 2nd Place
  • Las Vegas Strongman Competition – 8th Place

I actually found out that I tore my meniscus (knee cartilage) at the FitX the week before and had surgery in August 2011 to fix it.

I learnt that doing two events a week apart is too much and travelling across the world between them didn’t help!!

I learnt that doing two events a week apart is too much and travelling across the world between them didn’t help!!

What are your goals in 2012 and what strongman competitions are you looking at entering?

Goals for 2012 are to get back to strength levels of March 2011 before knee surgery.

Jeremy Hogg:  I have two main goals in strongman for 2012.

  1. I want to place in the Top 5 at the Arnold Mighty Mitts grip comp March 1-4, 2012
  2. Finish in the top 3 at FitX Melbourne Giants Live and Qualify for WSM (Worlds Strongest Man)

I read that you had a hand injury which affected your grip in strongman events?

Jeremy Hogg:  Yes that’s right I snapped the tendon that attaches the thumb to the hand (Lunar collateral ligament) and had to have a thumb reconstruction.

I was competing in Hawaii Strongest Man 2008 and in the first event – farmers walk I tripped and fell just before the end with the weight in my hand.   My momentum carried me forwards and it pushed the handle between my hand and thumb causing it to snap. (Editors note: Im feeling this , just typing it)

I originally thought it was dislocated but after many attempts by fellow athletes to put it back in place I tried to finish the event.    You know axle overheads and tyre flips one handed are very hard 🙂 I knew it was something worse than a dislocation and because of this injury I missed almost a whole year, my grip is good now but will never be the same.

You are down to compete at the Giants Live Strongman Event in Melbourne in March and you will be facing Brian Shaw the World’s Strongest Man, what are your thoughts about going head to head with the 2011 Worlds Strongest Man?

Jeremy Hogg:   I have competed against Brian two times before in Hawaii 2008 and also at the Jon Pall Sigmarson Classic 2010 in Iceland, he flogged me both times.

Brian Shaw is very down to earth and very competitive.  Depending on how long he wishes to compete for, he could be the greatest ever strongman by the time he is finished, I think the WWE maybe calling.

What strongman events are your favourite and what ones do you loathe?

Jeremy Hogg:  My favourite events would be any grip events and the Truck pull. My least favourite would be the Log Press just not a good event for me.

What do you love the most about competing in the sport of strongman?

Jeremy Hogg:   Its different, and not many people know about it and the people you meet are great guys with no egos.

It’s the true test of mind and body if you have a weak link strongman will find it.

I am going to run through the events list at Giants Live Melbourne 2012, can you tell us your immediate thoughts on each one:

  1. Frame Carry 360kg+ = usually a good event for me
  2. Viking press 150kg at the handle = Good weight have not done this event for a while in competition
  3. Deadlift for reps @35cm (bar height) 350kg = Heavy
  4. Loading race 5 x 120kg to 1400mm platform = this is going to hurt they always do.
  5. Hip Lift starting stone weight 600kg! = Never done this before
  6. V8 Engine carry for distance – ~200kg = Not much fun but not a bad event for me.


You are up against the following strongman competitors, tell me what you know about them?

  • Brian Shaw – USA =The Best in the world no event weakness
  • Mike Bourke – USA =Trains with Brian Shaw I’ve heard in good form last year
  • Nick Best – USA = I’ve met him once Vegas great bloke very strong top 6 in the WSM 2010
  • Eben Le Roux – Australia = One of the best pound for pound Strongman in Australia, good deadlifter
  • Frankie Scheun – South Africa = Don’t know much about him
  • Jonathan Macfarlane – New Zealand = Very good overhead competed against him in Strongman and shot-put
  • Gerhard Van Staden – South Africa = Don’t know much about him
  • Derek Boyer – Australia = Entertainer

How do you prepare on competition day?

Jeremy Hogg:   Depending on what time the event starts, I have a big breakfast with lots of toast and jam, but I struggle to eat during event.   I just eat jelly beans or lollies and fruit throughout the competition.

I like to psyche by not getting too psyched to early, I try to keep calm by doing lots of stretching.

It’s hard nowadays with the competitions running over a couple of days so you have to be able to switch on and off when needed, otherwise you are just wasting energy.

Who do you respect as the greatest strongman ever, and why?

Jeremy Hogg:  Marius Pudzianowski because he changed the sport from the big static strongman athletes to a more athletic mobile type.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve see when competing in strongman and what was it?

Jeremy Hogg:   When in Iceland for the Jon Pall Sigmarson Classic all the athletes went to watch a movie. You can imagine Brian Shaw 6 foot 8inches 200kg, Hafthor Bjornsson 6 foot 9 inches, 200kg and Terry Holland’s 6 foot 6 inches,  180kg plus others trying to fit into the theatre seats.

It was a tight squeeze plus it was 3D movie so we had those silly glasses on too.

 Thanks for your time Jeremy, and we wish you all the best for the Giants Live Strongman event in Melbourne 2012.

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