14 Questions with Robert Wilkerson – Raw Squat Superstar – International Powerlifter

Robert Wilkerson - International Powerlifter
Robert Wilkerson - International Powerlifter

Robert Wilkerson was a name I came across recently, but upon looking at his powerlifting footage, I realised that he was a colussus.

Robert Wilkerson - International Powerlifter
Robert Wilkerson - International Powerlifter

Where Andy Bolton is top of his game with Benedikt Magnussen in the Deadlift, Robert Wilkerson is top of his game in the Squat, with little or no equipment (Raw), which is almost frightening.  So the opportunity to interview him was quickly accepted.

PB: OK, first up give us some physical stats, how much do you weigh? And how tall are you?

Robert Wilkerson: 5 foot 11 390lb (177Kg)

PB: How did you get into lifting weights?

Robert Wilkerson: From when I was a kid in middle school, my football coach (American football)  at the time got me started.  From what my family said I was strong even when I was a child.

PB:  So give us your best lifts?

Robert Wilkerson 1000lb Raw Squat
Robert Wilkerson 1000lb Raw Squat

Robert Wilkerson: Squat –  1000lbs raw; Deadlift – 635lb is my best ; Bench Press – 635lb

PB: So squatting over 1000 pounds raw with no equipment that’s impressive, what were your feelings to achieve this mark?

Robert Wilkerson:  I felt like I had accomplished a goal, but not my main goal which is to hold the highest raw total of all time.

PB:  What lift have you had to do the most work on?

Robert Wilkerson: Deadlift, I improved it by doing speed deadlifts for reps which have helped me alot

PB: Have you had any bad injuries?

Robert Wilkerson: No I have been blessed.

PB:  What words of wisdom would you give to young aspiring powerlifters?

Robert Wilkerson:Stay basic and stay out of gear as long as possible.

PB: What advanced training techniques do you use?

Robert Wilkerson: I have used all except for forced reps because they have no place in powerlifting. Force reps are a quick way to get injured.    I love the use of bands and chains but have gotten away from them in my training.

PB: What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen when training?

Robert Wilkerson: Every training session with my team, there is always something funny going on.

PB: What are your goals for 2012, and beyond?

Robert Wilkerson: Break 700lb raw bench and 700lb raw deadlift

Robert Wilkerson Squats
Robert Wilkerson Squats

PB: You are a history teacher, what do your students think about you and your strength?

Robert Wilkerson: Yes they are kids, but they know where not to cross then line.

PB: What do you do to relax away from the gym, and lifting?

Robert Wilkerson: Spend time with my family, fish, and chill out.

PB: Who is your inspiration in Powerlifting/strength sports?

Robert Wilkerson: Steve Goggins, Donnie Thompson, Ed Coan, and James Henderson

PB: Have you ever thought of going into Strongman competitions?

Robert Wilkerson: I have, but I do not have to build for it.(editors note: mobility is a huge part of strongman)

PB: Thanks for the interview.