Andy Bolton is a British Powerlifter, who is one of the strongest guys on this planet.

I just had to interview Andy and I was thrilled when I got my opportunity.

We spoke about Powerlifting, and the massive impression he has made and is still making on the record books.

Andy Bolton - International Powerlifting Superstar

Andy Bolton - Lifts Big.

This is despite of the fact that he is 41 years old.

Interview by Phil Burgess

(1) There seems to be a link between high bodyweight and higher strength, in the world of Powerlifting, to the extent of athletes bulking up by 30kg for a competition, is there an advantage in being heavier?

Andy Bolton:   Ok that does seem to be the way, but bodyweight in terms of fat will not make you strong.   With me I am around 150kg in training, then working towards a competition, it can go up as high as 165kg.  This is due to the harder I train, the hungrier I get, so my bodyweight increases.

(2) You’ve lifted a 965lb RAW Deadlift and one 1000lbs Suited (454kg), which is your favourite?

Andy Bolton:  I have done two lifts over 1000 lbs, ha ha..  The 1008lb is the best I have done.

The Raw pull was only done after injury. That’s why I didn’t use a deadlift suit, I don’t lift Raw and have no interest in doing it.

(3) Whilst on this topic, with Powerlifting equipment such as Bench shirts and Deadlift suits, don’t you feel that this has made a farce of the historical records, in the same way that hi-tech swimsuits did to swimming records?

Andy Bolton: No not really, as things will always move forwards.    If the lifter from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s had the chance to use this equipment, I am sure they would have.  Just like in Formula 1, the car always gets better and better.

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(4) What is the biggest global problem which you believe Powerlifting faces?

Andy Bolton: Way too many federations!  A World Champion Powerlifter today is not a real world champ.  It seems in the sport that somebody falls out with somebody, then he starts another federation.

(5) Do you think Powerlifting should be an Olympic sport and if so why?

Big Bennedikt with Andy Bolton

Big Benedikt Magnusson with Andy Bolton

Andy Bolton:  To be honest no!    Weightlifting is much more fun to watch.  Imagine sat watching 2 hours of bench, pretty boring!

(6) In the world of Strength sports who is your idol, or the one you respect the most?

Andy Bolton: In Strength Sports it’s the Big Z (editors note: Zydrunas Savikas).

He is so strong, Worlds Strongest Man Winner, Arnold Strongman Winner, he has won everything..

(7) It is often said that Powerlifting is what the shorter guys do, who don’t have the leverage to compete at the highest level in strongman competitions?  Do you agree?

Andy Bolton:  It’s true that strongman is suited to the taller men, just look at how high the wall is for the stones, but I would not say Powerlifting is for shorter men either.

Strongman today has weight classes (Editors note: Under 105Kg for example) so everybody can do it, unless it is at the top level, where height does come into play.

Mentally, powerlifters are more intense as it’s a one lift max, where strongmen need to be not so CRAZY!

(8) Away from competition do you coach any other athletes?

Andy Bolton: Yes I have 50 clients online and 10 on a One on One Training basis.

You can find out more about my coaching here

Andy prepares for a lift.

Andy prepares for a lift.

(9) What were your biggest achievements in 2011?

Andy Bolton:  This year was not so good.  It started well with a new All Record British Bench Press Record 345.5Kg (760lb), but then I suffered lots of small injuries for the rest of the year, small things but they stop you from training hard.

(10) Andy Bolton you’re 41 now, what are your competitive plans for 2012? and beyond?

Andy Bolton: My goal for 2012 is to get the All Bench Press Record in Britain and do well in the BullFarm comp and to win the NOTLD.   Age is only a number, I feel pretty good and will carry on until my body says no more..

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