The 398lb Powerlifting Giant – Sigfus Fossdal – A Year on.


The Powerlifting Giant – A Year on.

Over a year ago, I interviewed Powerlifting World Champion Sigfus Fossdal of Iceland for Viking Supplements, and the interview was extremely popular with people around the world.  

A year later I thought it would be good to touch base with him again to see how he had gone over the last 12 months.


PB: What has improved in the last year, from your training /lifting point of view?

Sigfus Fossdal: I have gotten a lot stronger. My bench is up, and my deadlift as well. My squat strength has gone up but I havent been lucky with squat in meets. I think I have about 20 kg left in the tank from my 435KG squat, but I will get it out some day.

PB: What Powerlifting events have you competed in and how did you place?

Sigfus Fossdal: In January I did the LA Fit Expo, America Cup, and did a 1100 kg total for the first time. I placed 3rd, I think, but with the heaviest total of the day.

In March I did benchpress nationals and won my weightclass and best lifter.

Same in April I did powerlifting nationals and did a 1120 total, and won both weight class and best lifter. 1120 kg total is the all time highest total in Iceland.

Then in september I went to the Mr Olympia for the Powerlifting invitational. I finished with a 1125 kg total, in that a 360 kg bench, but those numbers are all time high in Iceland. I placed first in my weightclass but second in best lifter after Alan Best.

PB: You recently competed in the Olympia Powerlifting and won your weight class (Over 308lbs), how does this rate as a win and why?

Sigfus Fossdal: This was not a big win for me, I was going for a much bigger numbers but got sick.   I wanted much much more, but have to be happy with what I got this time. I am only 28, I have much more time.

 PB:  You are weighing in at 398Lb, how much does your weight fluctuate in and out of the competitive season?

Sigfus Fossdal: My weight goes up and down alot. Last year I went up to 186 kg, but again down to 168kg (370lb).

When I started getting ready for the Olympia I was about 171kg (376lb), but in the last 8 weeks I gained 10kg and was on the platform at 181kg (398lb).

I will take some rest now and take alot of bodyweight off, go down to 136kg (299lb) and restart from there.

PB: Your Squat is significantly more than your Deadlift why is this so? I ask this as my Deadlift has always been more than my Squat.

Sigfus Fossdal: In the squat the suit and wraps help much more then the suit does in deadlift, since I compete equiped.

As well, since I am almost 400 pounds, my gut does not help my deadlift.

Deadlift has been for some time now my worst event but is getting better. Benedikt (Benedikt Magnussen) says though you should always deadlift more then you squat.

PB: What lifting equipment do you use for competition?

Sigfus Fossdal:  I wear all Metal gear. I have their silver kneewraps, and wrist wraps, King squatter for squat and deadlift, and King presser for benchpress.

PB: 8) What goals are you looking to achieve in the next year? And beyond that?

Sigfus Fossdal:  I have a few goals.

  • I wish to do over 2700 total single ply. It has never been done, I want to be the first.
  • As well I want to compete for the IPF and win their Worlds.

I think IPF is my next goal, we will have to wait a bit and see.   It might take some years though. I also want to go to the Olympics if powerlifting ever gets in there.

PB: Are you aiming to compete at any stage in the World’s Strongest Man competition?

Sigfus Fossdal: I have done some strongman shows. Mainly regional. It is a lot of fun, but it seems the better powerlifter I get, the worse of a strongman I get.

I dont train any strongman though, so it maybe isnt that weird. So no, going on the WSM isn’t on my list at the moment, but who knows…..

PB:  Thanks Sigfus, I wish you all the best for you and your Powerlifting in the next 12 months, and look forward to touching base with you again…..


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