Mark Wells – Australian Strongman Competitor

Mark Wells Australian Strongman Competitor

I met Mark Wells for the first time at FitX in Melbourne this year.  Unfortunately he was unable to compete in all the events due to being severely affected by the flu, which he picked up flying back from the Arnold Strongman Event in the US.

Phil: Where were you born?

Mark: Born in Adelaide, SA

Phil: What sports/ interests did you have as a child?

Mark: Played Aussie Rules in Primary School and Cricket, in my teens I continued to play cricket and took up basketball.

Phil: Growing up who was your sporting idol?

Mark: Dont think I had a sporting idol, my Dad always helped me with my sport. Always made sure I wore the same number playing basketball as what my dad wore when he played basketball during high school

Phil: How did you get into Strongman competition?

Mark: Peer pressure hahaha!!! I had been training in the gym for a few years before taking the sport up and had always made strength gains. One day a “strongman” comp came up in a pub where you had to hold $1000 of $1 coins out to the side with one arm for as long as possible. I ended up     winning it! From there I looked around for a proper comp and found one in Glenn Innes, NSW. Took second place.

After that I entered my first amateur comp in Lismore in 2008. I finished last and realised it wasnt as easy as just going to the gym!!

Phil: What is your best strength related achievement?

Mark: Being undefeated in competition in 2009 competing in Brisbanes Strongest Man, Sydneys Strongest Man and Nationals.

Phil: What is your best strongman event?

Mark: Usually anything involving pressing overhead (although it has gone against me before) Not too bad on Yoke


Phil: What is your least favourite strongman event?

Mark: At this stage farmers or frame carry haha, shield carry is a bugger too!!

Phil: Who do you respect the most in the world of strongman?

Mark: Anyone who gives 100% no matter what or where they place. There are a few amateurs that I like to watch encourage such as Scott Jones. All round nice guy and puts in!

Phil: What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Mark: You dont have to lift heavy all the time! Although, I should really listen to that more often hahaha!

Phil: What advice would you give to young people who want to get into strongman competitions?

Mark: Start with the basics. Work on your core strength first. Learn the technique, it will make things easier in the future!

Phil: If you could only do one exercise what would it be and why?

Mark: Push press’s. Its a good overall strength builder.

Phil: How many times a week do you train?

Mark: Varies from 4-6

Phil: Do you do Cardio work? If so how much?

Mark: Car-di-o??? Ohhh that thing…..not a whole lot in the past but I am now including it in my training.

Phil: If you could invite 5 people (currently living or dead) to your house to have dinner with you, who would they be and why?

Zakk Wylde, awesome guitarist and funny dude

Zydrunus Zavikus……no explanation needed

Dad, so he can give me grief about my training haha

Louis Griffin (Family Guy) yeah you know you would hahahaha!!!!

That Robyn chick on How I  Met You Mother…yeah, she is hot….

Phil: Thanks for the interview and all the best !!

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