Moe Westmoreland – Australian Strongman Competitor


You only have to see a few of Moe Westmoreland’s photos, to understand that he is one very strong Australia guy.    Here is the interview I conducted with him, to try and find out what makes this man tick !

PB How did you get into the sport of Strongman?

MW I was about 14 when I saw Australia’s David Huxley pull a 187-ton Boeing 747.  I didn’t know know how this was possible, I looked into it and discovered Strongman and strength training.    From the age of 15 I was in the gym lifting weights and bodybuilding, as long as it was heavy I wanted to lift it.    Eventually I was introduced to powerlifting where I entered the NSW powerlifting titles where I met Luke Reynolds one of Australia’s top Strongman and Highland Games competitors.    In May 2010 I started my Strongman journey training with Big Luke.

PB What are your best strongman competition placings, or best achievement to date?

MW 2nd at NSW Strongman League Finals 2010 and
2nd at Australian amateur Heavyweight Championships (top 4 in the open class) This qualified me for Melbourne Fit X in march and Australia’s Strongest Man 2011 in Lismore .

PB What supplements do you take?

MW I stick with the basics WPI (Whey Protein Isolate), mass gainer, omega 3 fish oil and a good multi-vitamin

PB What are your strongman aspirations?

MW To keep progressing in the sport I love and achieve my full potential, then become Australia’s Strongest Man.

PB Who do you admire the most in strongman and why?

MW Latvia’s Raimonds Bergmanis for his flawless technique and BIG Z (Zydrunas Savickas) because he has raw strength.

PB What is your favourite strongman event and why?

MW Events like farmers walk or stone carry where will-power takes over after your strength fails.

PB What event do you loath and why?

MW None really, I’m not the best at Yoke but i’ll make it my best event in time

PB What are your best lifts in the Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift?

MW Close grip bench 170kg, 280kg squat, Deadlift 290kg for 18 reps@ 16inch

PB What is the best piece of training advice that you have ever been given?

PB What is your favorite exercise and why?
MW Deadlifts, they smash your whole body and are the staple for Strongman training

PB What is your weight and height?
MW 125kg-130kg,  at 6’2

PB Can you give a sample of your weekly training routine?

MW Here goes:


Squats (chains or box squats or squat lockouts)

RDLs (Regular Deadlifts),

Heavy leg press fast reps for 1 min x 4 sets


Overhead pressing
Bench (close grip or standard)
Skull crushers or close grip press
Cardio Keg (70kg Keg clean & press fast as possible in 1 min x 4 sets


Deadlift from ground build up to 2 rep max then
5×5 at 70% (1rm)
Rack pulls


Event training 3 events

PB Thank-you for your time Moe, is there anything you would like to add?

MW Could I also thank my work for their support Katoomba Golf Club & REED Construction.

PB I should also add, that I believe you are currently looking for sponsors?

MW Im after any help I can get , Protein , flights anything. If people are interested they can contact me on my mobile: 0404335922 or email me at


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