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Canadian Strongman Scott Cummine

Scott’s 10 year journey – Scott Cummine – Canadian Strongman

It may have taken 10 years but in September 2013, Canadian Strongman Scott Cummine achieved his dream of competing at the  World’s Strongest Man competition. Here is his story and what he learned. Phil Burgess:You started in Strongman in 2003 and 50 competitions later you achieved one of you goals to compete at WSM 2013, […]

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Lloyd Renals

UK Strongman Lloyd Renals – On A Mission…

UK Strongman Lloyd Renals  has only been on the strongman scene for a few years, but already this newbie, is rising up the ranks, culminating with a trip to the 2013 World’s Strongest Man heats. Phil Burgess: Firstly can you give us your basic stats? Lloyd Renals: I’m 28 years old, 6’2″ and weigh between 150 and 165 […]

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2013 Australia's Strongest Man Under 105kg

2013 Australia’s Strongest Man (Under 105kg) Comp Report

The 2013 Australia’s Strongest Man (under 105kg) is now complete and the winners have been named, and are probably consuming victory drinks as this is typed.  So to keep in tune with them, as I type up each event, I will drink a beer.  (tonight tipple – Coopers Pale Ale)  It works well 6 events […]

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The Strongman Form Guide – 2013 Australia’s Strongest Man (under 105kg)

          The Form Guide by Phil Burgess This guide is a tongue in cheek and hopefully interesting and funny insight into the competitors for the 2013 Australia’s Strongest Man under 105kg competition, on the 9th November, 2013 at The Entrance, in New South Wales. 1. Pramesh Silwal (NSW) One of the […]

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Johnny Wasiczko - Driving Home

Here Comes Johnny – Under 105kg American Strongman – Johnny Wasiczko

We thought it was about time we touched base with the American Light Heavyweight, Strongman Johnny Wasiczko, and here is the interview…. Phil Burgess:   How did you get involved in the sport of strongman? Johnny Wasiczko:  I got involved in strongman almost as a fluke. I saw a poster for a NAS contest (North […]

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GIllian McRae – Long Journey to a New Beginning

As I talk to many people involved in the world of strongman/woman, I am always interested in how they became interested in the strength sports and what was their starting point. Canadian Gillian McRae is definitely not the strongest woman in the world and possibly not in Canada, but her path to get there has […]

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Geoff Capes Strongman Legend

The Geoff Capes Interview – World’s Strongest Man 1983, 1985.

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Super Strong – Kati Luoto – 7 times Finland’s Strongest Woman

Kati Luoto, is 7 times, Finland’s Strongest Woman. If that’s not impressive enough then her Log Press at 110kg is as good as any Men’s under 90kg competitor. Phil Burgess:  Kati tell us a little about yourself? Kati Luoto: I’m a 40 years young, Strongwoman, Mother and Grandmother. I’m 172cm tall and weigh 86kg. I […]

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10 Minutes with Icelandic Strongwoman – Lilja Jonsdottir

Recently when I spoke with Gemma Magnusson, she spoke of the determination of the Icelandic Women, so when I heard of an up and coming Icelandic lightweight strongwoman Lilja Jonsdottir, I had to interview her. Phil Burgess: How did you get involved in the sport of strongman, and what weight division do you compete in? […]

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Hollands Got Power Strongman

2013 World Cup Strongman “HOLLAND’S GOT POWER” Competition Report

Over 1000 visitors were present throughout the day on June 10th, 2013 to watch a Battle of Titans, an International World Cup Strongman contest where the competition was very large, where everyone was to each other a risk. They came from Romania, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Georgia, Ukraine, Denmark, Finland and more places. The competition was refereed […]

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